Future Echoes creates original choreography to a wide variety of music. Because our audience is well diversified, we recognize that our selection of dance tunes must likewise be well diversified. The types and styles of music we select include: Jazz; Swing; Broadway-style tunes; Latino musica; Ballet; Disco; Spiritual; Mystical; and Native American.


The members of Future Echoes listen to specific tunes and it is in the listening, in contemplation and in opening our souls that we begin to recognize how that musical piece should be danced.


The melody, the lyrics, the beat, the musical instruments all work together to communicate to us how this particular composition wants to be choreographed. And so, Future Echoes listens, meditates, shares, experiments and ultimately displays to our audience the movements, vibrations, spins, sways and walks that a particular piece of music wants to be conveyed.


And each choreographed piece is never performed in quite the same fashion. Like living, sentient beings, each composition can have different moods, different needs, different messages each time. As dance-conduits, Future Echoes must allow for these musical mood shifts.  Additionally, we leave plenty of room for improvisations and free style. The music and choreography must breathe, live, grow and tell its story.


Each dance piece is truly like a separate living entity. An entity of music and vibration. Future Echoes acknowledges and respects that. And as each piece evolves and tells it’s story, the audience is witness to the growing, adventurous nature of music and dance.