We offer a delightful array of general wellness activities perfectly suited for nursing homes, assisted living, NORC communities, Adult Day Care participants, hospitals, senior centers and churches – whether you are independently mobile or wheel-chair bound; and/or persons affected by dementia.



So – you may ask- what exactly is wellness?
Briefly and simplistically, wellness can be defined as a state of being satisfied with conditions in your life. However, quite often, wellness is looked upon from the perspective of the physical body alone. Future Echoes strongly disagrees with  this approach. We have adopted a definition of Wellness which includes a more comprehensive, total-person, or holistic perspective.

To be sure, there are dozens of potential wellness dimensions including financial wellness, mental wellness, political wellness, environmental wellness, creative wellness, and so on.

However, in our work, Future Echoes focuses on four specific aspects of wellness which –far more than all the other wellness dimensions- form the foundations of a truly holistic state of well-being. Yes, we obviously have a physical body that needs to be well. But underlying this physical body, we also have an emotional body, an intellectual body and a spiritual body. The latter three, though vastly more important, are often overlooked or given little importance. The state of our emotions, our mind and any spirituality that we may attest to, can have significant, life-affirming, physiological effects on the human body.

In this photo, Esther Hernandez stands in a contemplative state during one of our mystical dances:

Remember that you are vastly more than the vehicle called the physical body. If you wish to achieve an enlightened state of satisfaction with your current condition, it is important to adopt a lifestyle with studies, philosophies, and on-going contemplation that in some manner regularly engages the total person that you are.

The Future Echoes Wellness Entertainment Program includes varying combinations of the following activities:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation for stress reduction and concentration
  • Reiki healing
  • Chi-gong movement meditation
  • Mantra sound healing
  • Dance entertainment to our own original choreography
  • Color meditation
  • Poetry reading with guitar accompaniment
  • Trivia sessions
  • Joke sessions

Most of our audiences love to participate in all these activities. However, there are times when audience members prefer to listen to the lessons being taught. And of course, sometimes our clients love to sit back and just watch and enjoy our dance choreography, our poetry, the singing, guitar work and so on.

The list of wellness activities can go on and on and on. We are continually exploring new relaxation techniques and methods.

Our program can be presented to groups as noted above or to individuals. The program can be a one-time program; a regular recurring program; it can run for 30 minutes or one-hour or longer. The structure and time all depends upon your needs. You tell us what you would prefer. We will take care of the rest. By the end of each session, we promise that everyone will feel much more relaxed and full of inner peace and tranquility!

Please contact us at 914-844-8587 to arrange for Wellness Activities and to inquire about fees.
We are Future Echoes Wellness Entertainment!