In our practice, we employ many different forms of meditation to suit your particular needs. These include mindfulness meditation, Zen, color meditation, loving-kindness meditation, various breathing techniques, symbolic meditation and the use of mantras and intonations.

We will teach you everything.
Absolutely no prior experience is needed.

Participants can choose to either sit in chairs or, if you prefer, you can sit on a mat on the floor.

Meditation sessions for up to 4 persons are conducted in the quiet, serene space of our Yonkers, New York studio.

For groups of five or more persons, we are available to travel to your location.

Special low group-rates are available for groups of five or more persons.

Please contact us at 914-844-8587 for session arrangements and fees.

Soft ambient music is played during all sessions.


Meditation is a process in which the mind's attention is focused on a selected object, thought or sound. One of the purposes of this focus is to cultivate a sense of peace and relaxation. Most often, the focus of your concentration in meditation is: Your Breath! We will teach you how to still your mind and Follow Your Breath!

Performed regularly, meditation can help you to discover and transform the limiting habits of the mind that can block our full potential and cause uncontrolled stress and anxiety. Over time, meditation can help to actively cultivate true wisdom, creativity, loving-kindness, inner peace and compassion for all humanity.