Reiki is a healing technique developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. Also referred to as “palm healing”, Reiki practitioners channel warm healing energy primarily through the palms of their hands to the recipient.

The result of this energy transfer can be stress reduction, relaxation, a strengthening and enhancement of the body’s immune system, a sense of wellness, pain management, pain reduction and, in some cases, the elimination of pain.

The word “Reiki” is composed of two Japanese words. Rei refers to the Universal or Cosmic. Ki refers to the life force. When combined, the two words refer to the Universal Life Force. In Holistic circles, the Universal Life Force is believed to permeate the entire cosmos. It is this energy which provides the fundamental force needed to sustain life.
As a result of training, Attunements and studies, a Reiki Practitioner becomes a conduit for the Life Force. A trained, Attuned Reiki Practitioner can channel or transfer this energy to another person primarily through a “hands-on” or “palm healing” process.

Reiki can be used to treat muscle soreness, back pain, headaches, migraines, arthritis, shoulder pain, knee injuries, stress and tension.

Reiki is also widely used in the treatment of recovering cancer patients.

In conjunction with Meditation, Reiki can become a powerful tool for personal spiritual growth.

Reiki is Non-Religious and, as such, has been practiced by Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and Native Americans.

Ray Centeno, Rebecca Hernandez and Esther Hernandez are Certified Reiki Masters –
Certified by the New York Open Center / Reiki Arts Continuum.


Reiki is now widely used an alternative healing modality in many hospitals and clinics throughout the world. Reiki is NOT intended as a substitute for traditional medicine but rather, Reiki can be used to supplement traditional medicine.


You can choose to receive a Reiki treatment in either a chair or on a Reiki table. Both Chair and Table Reiki are effective. It is only a matter of your own preference to decide if you would prefer a quicker treatment in a chair OR a longer more profound treatment on a Reiki Table.

Our Reiki Tables are comfortable, soothing and

Reiki sessions are conducted in the warm comfort of our Yonkers, New York Studio.
Soothing ambient music is played during all Reiki sessions.

Please call 914-844-8587 to arrange a Reiki treatment and for fee information.